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Walkabout Jeff's Photography

THE PHOTOGRAPHY  is a collection of  Walkabout Jeff's  best photography from around the world... more...


Walkabout Jeff's Travel Diary

THE TRAVEL DIARY  is a collection of live vlogs from each day Walkabout Jeff has travelled in his endless... more...


Travels around the World

THE TRAVELS  is an endless collection of captioned and timestamped photos covering Walkabout Jeff's... more...


Walkabout Jeff's Treks

THE TREKS  covers the famous (and not so famous) walking trails Walkabout Jeff  has hiked to collect more... more...


Walkabout Jeff's Blogs

THE BLOGS  covers a bunch of random ideas and experiences Walkabout Jeff  has in his pursuit of photons from... more...



About this Page

WELCOME to walkaboutjeff.com, a travel website showcasing the photons Walkabout Jeff has collected from all around the world.


Photons are subatomic particles readily available anywhere, yet Walkabout Jeff travels insists on travelling far and wide to collect them from very exotic locations.





What is happening in Walkabout Jeff's hometown?





Who is Walkabout Jeff?

Any normal person's idea of going out involves going to the local pub for a drink with a few mates. Walkabout Jeff isn't normal.






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