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The Temporary Blogs

The Temporary Blogs


The temporary blogs have been written but the photography behind them has not been edited. These contain a temporary edited main image at the top of the blog.

Any other photos appearing on the page are "raw" straight out of the camera. The photos will be edited and updated, and the pages moved to the "published blogs" in due course.

New Zealand 2018

A city fallen

Lake Wakatipu

The Routeburn Track

The Kepler Track

Manapouri morning

Doubtful Sound in the clouds

The world’s steepest street

Gothic arty city

Cadbury World

Lanarch Castle


Rakaia River



About this Page

The Blogs is the section of the website of short stories of Jeff's travels around the world, set out in a format commonly seen in most blogging sites.


The blogs have been categorised by country, and each contain a number of photos which can be clicked on to view larger versions.






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