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Point Danger sunrise

Point Danger sunrise
31 August 2018
Gold Coast
12m ASL
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THIS morning I returned to Point Danger to capture the sunrise. Although I have completed all the hiking along the 1040 kilometre South East Queensland Coast, I needed to join the two ends up to complete the circuit.

The sun rose through a tiny gap in the morning cloud before I hurried to head to the nearest train station (by bus) to test the Translink system to the max, taking the train from one end (at Varsity Lakes) to the other (at Gympie North) over 262 kilometres in just over 5 hours. This is something I've always wanted to do. Although this was by no means as epic as the 9600 kilometre train trip I took from Pyongyang to St Petersburg two years ago, at least I can now tick this one off the bucket list as being done.

Over the entire distance I did some "out of window" photography to complete the circuit of the SEQ coastal adventure. Some time ago I did the "out of window" photography from Gympie up to Rainbow Beach, and of course I've done all the coastal photography, so all the principal photography for the trip is complete. Now to keep publishing it...



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