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The most remote part of the ocean


OKAY I've just woken up on this very long flight as you can see here from Santiago to Auckland. We're about half way now, stuck way up in the sky in this Dreamliner. It's all ocean all around us here. It's been quite a long flight, around another five and a half hours to go to Auckland. We're making good progress. The route looks curved but it isn't really because the image is quite distorted (from a globe to flat image projection). I'm going to show you here.

This is Easter Island. Over there (just before New Zealand) is Chatham Islands, and down there is Antarctica. We're actually about three thousand kilometres away from any of them. This is the most remote section of ocean anywhere in the world. I find this quite exciting. I actually did a blog on this a few years ago last time I was travelling back from Santiago.

This little spot is the furthest away from any land anywhere. This is incredibly remote. We're quite a long way south as well, it looks like we're just about level with Ushuaia just about. It's a very remote area with the big mass of Antarctica down below and a couple of islands. It's probably not the best place to be ditching but fortunately everything is going smoothly and it will only be another five hours before we land in Auckland. As you can see it's still the middle of the night.

Over here is the International Date Line and when we cross it, we're going to gain a day. So even though I'm landing in Auckland in just a few hours’ time, it's actually going to be tomorrow. So, I'll have to do another diary for tomorrow on that. In the meantime, it's still the middle of the night, so I'm going to go back to sleep. Good night.



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16 April 2019


South Pacific Ocean




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