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Returning to mainland South Island


WELL good morning friends. Today I head back to Invercargill on the mainland. It looks like I've picked a really good day for this because it is raining now as it does two days in every three. I've had a really good run of weather so far (before today). The ferry is about to turn up very shortly. There's the rain falling on the bay. I've timed it very nicely. So I'll see you on the other side, back on mainland South Island New Zealand and it's going to be a fairly rough ride over.

If you look directly out here, you can see a bird. I'm not sure what it is but it is some distance away. You should be able to see it in the middle of the screen. It has been flying the entire way with us to the South Island. These birds obviously like following these boats.

Okay I'm on a shuttle bus now coming back from Bluff arriving back into sunny Invercargill. This is the Invercargill I always remember, all rainy and overcast.

Well we've escaped the rain from Invercargill and I'm now up at Riverton at this beautiful beach up here. I'm heading towards the mouth of the river which goes through Riverton. Just a nice little small town this one out here on the rugged southern coast. Stewart Island is hidden behind the hills here. We're looking at climbing one of the hills from where we'll have another view.

Now looking towards Fiordland and now over Foveaux Strait you can just see Stewart Island now with the weather clearing. Over and out.



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09 November 2019



New Zealand



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