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Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport
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06 October 2016





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WITH an early morning departure at Boryspil I wasn't sure what to expect. To my surprise the departure hall was filled with what seemed like every orthodox Jew in the world. They must have had a huge conference here. Several planes due to take most of them to Tel Aviv were significantly delayed so there were groups praying at some of the walls and others dancing around in a surprisingly contemporary style whilst some of the young ones were having races with the luggage trolleys. I've never seen so much chaos at an airport before, and from such an unlikely group.

Brisbane is a long way away, requiring two stops. The first flight was westwards to Frankfurt, one of the few airports with an airline brave enough to venture into the Ukraine. The flight was sensational with the orange colours of sunrise brightly colouring the clouds through almost all of the 2:10 journey.

Frankfurt Airport marked the westermost point of this trip (and of any trip I've ever done, so although this was a transit and strictly not qualifying as a destination (in favour of the more exotic destinations I've been travelling through), I was wondering how to capture my layover there. Photography in secure areas in airports is very much frowned upon, so there are no pictures of me actually walking across German soil from the plane to the bus that whisked us into the tightest airport security I've ever seen. Once through security though there were several large photographic images on the wall and spots on the floor for you to stand and take selfies. At the time there was a couple from Adelaide heading to Doha wanting their picture, so we exchanged cameras and got the pictures we needed.

I thought this perfectly captures the moment - It's clearly a "fake picture", but works very well with the "I've been to Germany" thing where you haven't actually been to a place if you've just transited through - Singapore and Brunei come to mind. Germany was another transit, but I have to capture the moment by this picture of me standing in front of a picture of somewhere in Germany where I have never been.

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