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Enoggera Creek

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01 January 2021






1 - 31m ASL


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Good morning friends. Today I'm coming from near the mouth of Enoggera Creek, quite close to the city. I've just walked out from the city centre to the mouth of Enoggera Creek which goes into Breakfast Creek a short distance downstream from here. You can see some of the city back there. Today I'm heading upstream up that direction (west) seeing how far I can get. With a bit of luck I'll get right up to Enoggera Dam which is about twenty kilometres upstream. Down here it's tidal with the tide coming in at the moment. Here are some mangroves and the tide will be full soon I imagine. I've never explored this area before, so come with me and see what the creek's like.

Well friends, I've reached the shores of Enoggera Reservior where I started in some recent diaries. This time I've hiked up here from the city along Enoggera Creek to its source here at the lake. I'm going to watch the sunset now then head back into Brisbane. Thanks for joining me today along this very interesting journey up Enoggera Creek and I'll see you next time. Ciao for now.


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