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Kluver's Lookout

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Moreton Bay Region




273 - 683m ASL


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Well hello friends. Today I'm back up at The Gantry up on Mount Mee. I was up here earlier this year. Today I'm heading along the main range. There is a lookout a fair way along so I'm heading up there today and then back tomorrow. That's the plan. This is a beautiful day for it. It is sunny with no wind and all the birds are out. There's the gantry over there. I'm following the main track along the range.

Today I'm testing out my new Gopro 9. It's time for a new one. This one is apparently good at levelling the horizon as well as being stable. I'll see how it goes. The technology's changed a lot. You'll see a few weeks ago up in the Tibrogargan Circuit I was using the old Gopro 5 and everything was very shaky on it because I didn't have the image stabilisation whereas the Gopro 8 which I usually use (up until today) does, and this one is supposed to be even better. Having an extra Gopro means I don't have to worry about how much battery power I have so let's see how that goes. Anyway come join with me as I explore the top of the range.

There is apparently one view a fair way in. Otherwise it will be all this spectacular forest the whole way as I go up and down to the lookout which is 683 metres high. That is the highest point of the range this side of Mount Glorious. Around there is Tenison Woods Mountain which is 710 metres high which is the highest point of the whole range. Where I'm heading is the highest point along the northern end of the range. Anyway, come join with me as I explore the top of the range.

This is the remains of an old vehicle which was used during the logging up here. There used to be a big logging industry up here and I was wondering if I could find any evidence of it up here, and I've found some here.

Well friends I've now made it to the top of Kluver's Lookout and I'm right at the summit at 683 metres above sea level. From here through the trees there's a nice big gap. It's a bit hazy but I can see right down the Dayboro valley to Brisbane City. I'm about 20 kilometres out from The Gantry where I started this morning. I'll be camping tonight. It's already getting late in the afternoon. I won't camp up there though because it is quite exposed, but further down I've found some good camping spots so I'm going to head back towards The Gantry now, and go back a couple of kilometres and set up camp for the night and start first thing in the morning. It will make for a shorter walk back with not so much hill climbing. This last hill was pretty intense rising from 310 metres up to 683 metres above sea level after a full day's walking. I'm going to stay up here for a few more minutes to photograph the beautiful view and then head down and set up camp. Thanks friends for joining me today and I'll catch you going back to The Gantry tomorrow. Ciao for now.

[Day 11 piece in B major: B E G#m F#sus4 F# B E G#m F#sus4 F# : G#m E F# B/D# E C#m B/D# B F#sus4 F# G#m E F# B/D# E C#m B/D# B F#sus4 F# E/G# F#/A# B F#sus4 F# E/G# F#/A# Bsus4 B]


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