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Beenleigh to Ormeau

Beenleigh to Ormeau
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Logan - Gold Coast




3 - 48m ASL


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I CAUGHT the train down to Beenleigh in the early morning from where I followed the road through the town and across the Albert River to the northernmost part of the Gold Coast. This area was mostly industrial estate, so I followed the roads through this fairly new area with large buildings still under construction in places, and other areas still eucalypt forest waiting to be cleared to make way for more industrial estate.

The sun had shone bright for much of the early morning but puffy clouds began to fill the sky as I continued southwards passing a resort in the middle of nowhere and passing a new industrial estate under construction. The flat terrain started becoming hilly as I reached the first of the northern Gold Coast residential estates and followed the road up a hill crossing a bridge over the M1 motorway before descending into the lush small acreages of Ormeau. I rested at one of the parks in the village as thick cloud covered overhead threating potential storms. After lunch I continued a little further down the road to Ormeau Station from where I caught the train back home.


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