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South Pine and Caboolture Rivers

South Pine and Caboolture Rivers
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Moreton Bay Region




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THE WEEKEND following the huge storm dawned sunny without a cloud in the sky. Everything was starting to dry out and most local roads were open again. I decided to make the most of the sunny weather and explore the local area, firstly heading to Four Mile Creek and following the track through the little pocket of rainforest. The creek had risen a couple of metres flooding much of the abandoned farmland behind it, but not reaching any of the houses above its banks. Despite the torrent running through here last weekend, the rainforest vegetation had remained largely intact and any damage will quickly recover.

I headed down to the nearby South Pine River near the Bald Hills Bridge. The river had gone over the causeway of both roads, including the higher one which has just been resealed in recent days to repair the damage. A lot of vegetation had come through and stuck to the pylons several metres above the bright green grass. Upon reaching the bridge, I crossed over to the middle. Much of the vegetation that had lined either bank had been stripped away and the water was still very dirty having carried a lot of water with its entire catchment receiving a metre of rain last weekend, and up to one and a half meters of rain in the ranges at its source on Mount Glorious.

After exploring this section of river, I headed up to Caboolture to explore the pools of Caboolture Park. The upper pools were clean, but the lower pools had been covered in dirty flood water. The pools were very dirty and the grass beside the paths were still saturated and swollen with water. A lot of mud covered parts of the track. Despite the mess I was able to watch a spectacular sunset over the pools. Then I headed to the bridge over the river to watch the last light of dusk fade over the once more placid river.


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