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Gardners Falls

Gardners Falls
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Blackall Range




213 - 436m ASL


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I RETURNED to the lake front in the early morning just before first light. Heading out over the dam, I looked back watching the cloudy sky turn a dark red then gradually lighten to bring on the dawn. The clouds quickly cleared as the sun rose behind the hills.

The lake was covered in low ripples from the slight breeze. A kayaker was heading across the lake now already distant.

Clouds began to cover the sky again as the sun continued rising, so I headed down to the start of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk, passing under the pagoda entering the dense rainforest. The track descended for about a hundred metres before reaching two bridges crossing a small stream. The first bridge had been mostly wiped out from a tree that had come down on it during the big floods a few weeks ago. A temporary track of sandbags crossed the stream. I headed across to the other side, then came back.

From Baroon Dam I headed back up the road and around to the other side of the lake turning off just before Maleny, taking the road down to Gardner's Falls. I parked at the start of the trail and followed a side trail heading a little upstream to Bullock's Crossing, just across from where I had gone two weeks ago when doing the Maleny Trail.

After exploring the crossing, I returned to the car park and continued hiking along the main track following Obi Obi Creek downstream for about two hundred metres before reaching the top of the waterfall. A short scramble around the rocks led to a large pool from where I had a good view of the waterfall.

I didn't stay there long as quite a few people were coming to swim in the pool, but I did get some good shots. I returned along the track before following the road back up to the Landsborough-Maleny Road which I followed up to the start of the Balmoral Ridge Road before heading back, and returning home.


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