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Neeb's Waterhole to Mullens

Neeb's Waterhole to Mullens
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Great Sandy Nat Park




21 - 86m ASL


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CLOUDS suddenly covered the starry sky just as it was starting to lighten with the dawn. This created some amazing dawn colours as I looked along the length of the waterhole. Fog suddenly enveloped the area but cleared just as the sun rose above the end of the waterhole. I returned to the camp and packed it up ready to head back up to Mullen's.

I set off crossing the small ford and continuing along the other side of the upper waterhole. Upon reaching the end of the waterhole the track continued through the scrub towards the wetland valley. Large clouds appeared in the distance and I could hear the occasional rumbling of thunder. I quickened the pace not wanting to be caught in a thunderstorm.

The track eventually left the low valley climbing the hill going through the forest to the heathland plateau where I could finally get a clear view of the sky. The cloud had thickened with a large bank now crossing overhead. Thankfully the thunder was still very distant, perhaps over the Cooloola sandblow or further south. I continued following the track across the plateau before descending to the creeks of the headwaters of Teewah Creek. Once over the crossings, the track rose climbing the hill towards Mullens. I could hear machinery operating ahead laying some gravel on the dirt road heading through the pine forest near Mullens.

I eventually reached the end of the track where I stopped for lunch as the work had stopped and it was peaceful again. After a lunch break I returned home to Brisbane.


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