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Moreton Bay Region




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I PARKED at the beach entrance at the northern end of Beachmere before walking along Bayside Drive between a row of houses right on the edge of the sand flats to the right, and the beautiful Bayside Drive Lake to the left. Upon reaching the end of the road, I found a track to the beach and followed it out to the sand flats. I followed the beach above the sand flats heading northward for about half an hour before reaching the same creek I had reached yesterday heading down the other way. The tide was still out so I found a crossing point at the mouth of the creek.

Returning along the beach through the mangroves, I watched the tide starting to come in over the flats. I returned along the track and Bayside Drive to the other entrance to the beach. Here I followed the beach and sand flats northward as the tide started coming in. I reached as far as the tidal creek at the start of the Deception Bay Conservation Park. A track lead upstream along the creek to the road which I was able to cross over the flooding creek. From the road I returned along the track, flats and beach to where I had parked.

I drove to near the middle of Beachmere town, parking and walking back up to the conservation park. I followed the main track to the creek which had flooded more with the tide being full now. After a brief rest at the creek I returned along the track and followed the footpaths down the coast stopping at several small parks overlooking the beach. The tide had covered the sand flats and the waves from the stiff sea breeze were breaking on the stone wall.

I passed through the middle of Beachmere town, under the colourful water tower continuing a couple more blocks before reaching a path running along the top of the rock wall above the beach. The tide was going out now but the waves were still breaking on the rock wall.

Upon reaching the end of the residential area, I rounded a small lookout point where several people were fishing. From here I passed through a large dog park enclosure to reach the walking track continuing along the coast to the mouth of the Caboolture River.

The track was quite well worn with a couple of good bridges over tidal streams, but otherwise following the top of the beach above the mangroves. The mangroves here had a lot of character due to the exposed location here at the mouth of the Caboolture River. The track alternated between the mangroves and the wetland forest holding the sand bar behind the beach. There were several timber shelters built from driftwood in this forest, indicating the area is quite well frequented at night.

The beach slowly turned into the mouth of the Caboolture River. The flooding from earlier this year had caused a lot of damage to the beach here, making it almost unrecognisable after my last time here in 2018. I reached the stream flowing into the mouth of the river. Last time I was here it was a channel filled with water, but this had been filled with silt killing off all the mangroves growing in it. I couldn't get any further upstream than here, so after resting, I returned along the track and path through the town centre.


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