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Sydney Tower

Sydney Tower
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4 - 268m ASL


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MOSTLY resting after completing the 220 kilometre hike along the coast, I decided to start the day exploring the nearby Queen Victoria Building, a large shopping centre built over the site of a marketplace used since 1810. Construction of the current building commenced in 1893 and it was opened in 1898. The stone building had a depth of character completely absent in the modern shopping centres. Hanging from the ceiling was a very intricate clock and echoing through the arched caverns was the sound of an out of tune grand piano people were playing.

After exploring the Queen Victoria Building, I caught one of the new trams down to as far as the University of New South Wales, which I quickly explored before returning to the city.

Heading across to the Pitt Street Mall, I headed to the entrance of the Sydney Tower, the elevator quickly taking me up to the southern hemisphere's highest observation deck standing at 250 metres above the street. I had been up there before back in 2005, and the view had since changed quite a bit with a lot more tall buildings now blocking off some of the view to the west and south. Otherwise it was similar to what I had seen last time with views along the harbour in either direction from Parramatta to its entrance. I was able to see parts of the hike I had done along the coast, particularly along the harbour. The exposed sea sections weren't so clear as the cliffs were hidden from view facing the other way.

There was quite a crowd up here in the observation deck, but I spent a fair while up here looking at the view all around the city and of the city centre 250 metres below. After exploring the views, I headed back down and rested for the remainder of the day.


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