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Part F - Brisbane South

Part F - Brisbane South

Part F - Brisbane South

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 - Day 28 - Stormy history of European settlement

 - Day 29 - Red earth and red moon

 - Day 30 - Red sun and red tide

 - Day 31 - Rural industry on its last legs

 - Day 32 - The bay narrows to a river


Introductory Content

AS YOU head further south into Moreton Bay, the water becomes shallower and the islands more numerous. South of the Brisbane River the islands begin to appear, and increase their coverage over the increasingly shallow bay until only narrow channels are left between the large mangrove islands.

The increasingly complex coastline is covered mostly in Brisbane's quiet eastern suburbs with views across the mangroves and mud flats. Several ferries leave the various marinas servicing the islands, a couple of which I'll be exploring on this leg, the remainder in the next leg when I head up the other side of the bay. Brisbane eventually gives way to the Redlands, then briefly into Logan before reaching sparse expanses of farmland at the top end of the Gold Coast.

From the mouth of Wynnum Creek, I follow the coast with diversions to St Helena and Coochiemudlo Islands, heading into Redlands and continuing to follow the sealed pathway to Talburpin Point, from where I follow the road through Logan with seldom a peek of the coast at Jacob's Well, Pimpama Creek and Coomera River until reaching the northern suburbs of the Gold Coast along the Coomera River where I'm able to continue following the coast to the narrow end of Moreton Bay at the mouth of the Nerang River on the Gold Coast, having hiked 196 kilometres on this leg.



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14 Jan - 24 Feb


Brisbane - Gold Coast




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