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South East Queensland Coast

SE Qld Coast



Part A - Great Sandy National Park

Hiking from Rainbow Beach to Noosa North Shore along the Cooloola Great Walk with a diversion to Double Island Point.


Part B - Sunshine Coast

Hiking the entire length of the Sunshine Coast Coastal Walkway with a few diversions around Noosa Heads and Point Cartwright.


Part C - Bribie Island

Hiking around the ocean beach of Bribie Island into Pumicestone Passage and exploring the Bribie Island Fort walkway.


Part D - North Brisbane

Hiking the northern end of Moreton Bay from Sandstone Point to Boondall Wetlands and across to the Brisbane River.


Part E - Brisbane River

Following the north bank of the Brisbane River up to Colleges Crossing, across to Ipwich and down the other side to its mouth.


Part F - South Brisbane

Hiking the southern end of Moreton Bay through Brisbane's eastern suburbs, crossing Logan River and continuing to Southport.


Part G - Moreton Bay Islands

Heading north along the other side of Moreton Bay on the Stradbroke Islands, and the southern Moreton Bay islands.


Part H - Moreton Island

Hiking the entire way around Moreton Island's spectacular coastline and across the top of North Stradbroke Island to Point Lookout.


Part I - Gold Coast

Hiking the ocean coast of the Stradbroke Islands, and following the coastal path along the Gold Coast to the border at Point Danger.





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July 2017 - June 2018


SE Queensland Coast




0 - 280m ASL


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