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Beerwah State Forest

Beerwah State Forest
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Glasshouse Mountains




9 - 61m ASL


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I ARRIVED at Beerwah Village a little before first light. I photographed the quiet town centre before heading across the railway line and across Steve Irwin Drive to the edge of Beerwah State Forest. The sky ahead of me was just beginning to get light as I passed a large area of two year old pine trees.

I followed the firebreak road across to some much older forest with very tall and slender pine trees towering overhead. Not long after entering the tall forest, I reached a junction where a gravel side road crossed a bridge over a small creek to some more relatively young forest. I followed this track for about a kilometre before sharply turning to the right and following a long straight firebreak for about three kilometres, exploring a stream towards its end.

Another firebreak crossed a bridge over another creek, so I followed that across and headed along a winding track on the other side gradually ascending towards some low hills. Looking back it was not long before I could see the distant peaks of the Glasshouse Mountains towering above the pine forest.

The track ended at a sealed road passing through farmland. I turned left and followed it to a junction where a wide firebreak continued straight ahead. I followed this for another two kilometres before reaching the town centre of Landsborough.

I explored the historic town centre before continuing following the road and path along the start of the Ewen Maddock - Dularcha circuit to the start of the Ewen Maddock trail, but it was closed from flood damage. From here I returned into Landsborough and caught a train back to today's starting point at Beerwah.


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