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Point Danger sunrise

Point Danger sunrise
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Gold Coast




2 - 101m ASL


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ARRIVING at Point Danger about an hour before first light, I watched the stars and the rising of the Moon and Venus over the sea of crashing waves before the red glow of the pre-dawn began. Numerous people joined me to watch the sky lighten, the Pleaides appear over the horizon and later the sun slipping over the distant horizon.

Once the sun had risen, I headed up to the nearby Point Danger lighthouse, with the Queensland/New South Wales border pointing directly to the rising winter solstice sun. To the north lay Queensland, and the Coral Sea, and to the south lay New South Wales and the Tasman Sea.

From the lighthouse I followed Boundary Road along the state border into Coolangatta, heading through the town centre still reeling from last year's border closures. From Coolangatta I headed out to the coast track rounding Kirra Hill and following Kirra Beach up to Bilinga Beach. From here I headed inland a little to follow the main road past the Coolangatta Airport and over Currumbin Hill before following Currumbin Creek upstream and crossing at the second bridge into Palm Beach Park.

I followed Guineas Creek Road up the hill and headed into some of the residential areas going back down the other side of the hill until reaching Eddie Kornhauser Recreational Reserve and explored the lakes there for a while before heading home.

This is potentially the start of a new inland trail I'm looking at doing later, heading around the scenic rim and along the Great Dividing Range at a later date when I've completed the inland trail and some more pickups along the coastal route.


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