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Greenes Falls and Rainforest Circuit

Greenes Falls and Rainforest Circuit
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Moreton Bay Region




575 - 683m ASL


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WITH THUNDERSTORMS forecast up north, I decided to stay fairly local today heading up Mount Glorious to the Maiala carpark. From here I took the main track through the dense rainforest towards Greene's Falls.

Rain had fallen overnight but the sun was now filtering through the clouds as I followed the track through the very lush rainforest, the best I have seen all summer. The track gradually descended to a boardwalk crossing a small gully with a huge strangler fig tree towering through the dark canopy.

I continued following the rainforest circuit track until reaching a junction crossing a gravel road. I took the side track descending the gully along some of the headwaters of the South Pine River. The forest was intact with only a couple of fallen trees despite the area getting 1500 millimetres of rain in two days in the huge storm earlier this year.

The track continued descending around the back of the gully, the steeper sections with stone or timber steps. It didn't take long before I could see and hear a stream running along the bottom of the gully, something I have not seen before.

The track continued descending and following the stream downstream until reaching a boardwalk where a larger stream met this one. Ahead on the track was a dog, most likely a dingo. It looked at me for a few moments before scurrying into the dense forest. I continued following the boardwalk crossing above the big creek and continuing downstream in between the tall buttress rooted trees. The boardwalk became dirt track for a few moments before becoming boardwalk again heading out of the forest to above the edge of Greene's Falls.

I rested at the waterfall for a while before heading back up along the track. Going back up seemed longer with the moderate uphill back to the small ridge with the gravel road. About three quarters of the way up, I turned off and followed the Cedar Track through the thinner forest near the top of the spur. It rejoined the main track just before the road.

Upon crossing the road, I returned to the Rainforest circuit which I continued following heading downhill into another gully. Eventually I reached the small stream at the bottom with another huge strangler fig tree towering just above the stone ford. From here I continued along the track stopping to photograph some spectacular fungii, some bright orange, others a brilliant white, and there were numerous new bracket fungii growing in the old fallen trees.

The track started rising along steps and boardwalks through the very dense rainforest. After a steady climb I returned to the main track and returned to the car park. From here I headed up to the main road and followed it into Mount Glorious village just a couple of hundred metres away. The cloud was thickening and some mist was forming. After exploring the village for a few minutes I headed back to Maiala and headed home back down the hill.


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